Workflow Approvals

Business Situation

Pharma manufacturer installs bioLock(TM) within SAP to implement workflow approvals with biometric identity management.

  • Major brand-name pharmaceutical company uses SAP for most of their business processes including manufacturing
  • Decentralized operations create the need for remote financial approvals on a timely basis, while preserving the highest levels of identity management for approvers

Key Challenges

  • A custom workflow process was created to prioritize large transactions that exceeded a threshold value
  • These transactions were routed to the appropriate approver via email
  • Approvals of such high-value transactions involved mandatory biometric authentication of the SAP user, even high-ranking executives
  • Workflow items would only be passed on following successful biometric authentication of the activity

Major Objectives

  • High-dollar payment approvals in SAP to be processed with customized web interface for end-users
  • Payment approval link forwarded to approver via e-mail
  • Approver opens webpage for list of payments to approve
  • Biometric identification must occur for approval to update in SAP
  • Payment is sent only after the successful biometric identification and credential verification

Key Business Outcomes

  • Control of high-value payment approvals obtained with tamper-proof audit trail in SAP
  • Process cannot be circumvented with administrator passwords
  • Remote approvals in SAP with biometric authentication of high-risk transactions are now possible

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