Business Situation

With over half a century of glass manufacturing experience in South Africa, Consol has a heritage that is truly South African and assumes its position as industry leader with pride. From early beginnings at a small glass manufacturing plant in Natal in the early 1940’s, Consol has enjoyed steady growth over the years and is the leading glass packaging manufacturer in South Africa with a market share of 79%, exporting glass packaging to 17 African countries. Previously a listed company, Consol Limited officially became Consol Glass (Pty) in April 2007, after a successful takeover bid led by private equity firm Brait. Employing some 1,800 employees and headquartered in Johannesburg, Consol brings significant expertise to the glass packaging industry.

  • Multiple manufacturing plus retail locations
  • Complex vendor/procurement landscape
  • Host-to-host payment streams direct to vendors’ banks

Key Challenges

  • Need to mitigate risk associated with vendor payment approvals
  • Provide for mandatory dual biometric approval built into the payment process
  • Enforce biometric authentication of high-risk activities
  • Prevent non-biometric users from access to high-risk functional areas
  • Required tamper-proof logging of all restricted activities, including failed or unauthorized attempts

Major Objectives

Overcome the challenges in the Procure-to-Pay cycle, particularly:

  • Securing streams of vendor payments serving the needs of four factories
  • Securing retail product return cash operations
  • Ensuring segregation of duties (SoD) in procurement

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