Retail / POS

Business Situation

RWZ is the third largest agricultural cooperative in Germany based in Mainz. It employs more than 3,300 employees working at over 200 locations via 17 subsidiary companies. The area served extends over large parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony as well as throughout the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. RWZ operates via approximately 170 member cooperatives and almost 70,000 farmers, growers and gardeners. Product lines cover a wide spectrum related to agriculture, home and garden. They range from plants, commodities, animal husbandry, farm equipment, fuel, logistics services and building materials to energy management and more, generating revenue of approximately € 2.5 billion annually.

  • Rapid business growth
  • Many retail locations spread out geographically
  • Many workers not tied to a specific store or warehouse, switch places frequently

Key Challenges

  • Eliminate the delays caused by repeated log in/out from SAP
  • Allow rapid employee rotation between stores or cash registers
  • Create indisputable user accountability

Major Objectives

  • Mandatory biometric access control for any combination of 300 cash registers, over 200 locations, 800+ cashiers
  • Secure access to SAP Transaction VA01 (creating a sales order) at the individual cashier & cash register activity level

Implementation Highlights

  • Created generic SAP profiles, then associated individual biometric user profiles to them
  • Logged biometric cashier re- authentication for EACH sale
  • Automatic audit trail generated for each cash register transaction

Key Business Outcomes

  • True identity management for cashiers with 100% flexibility of workplace / cash register rotation
  • Access to unattended cash registers by unauthorized users prevented
  • Robust, tamper-proof audit trail in effect
  • Reconciliation of cash register sales activity by individual cashier / transaction to SAP ERP financials

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