Public Sector Fraud

Social Security Agency

“We are seeing an increasing number of high-profile security breaches in the recent past. Apart from legislative challenges, SAP customers in general are facing more skilled and ruthless opportunists that will do anything to get unauthorized access to data and funds. By introducing bioLock biometric SAP security we have implemented a solution that cannot be circumvented in any way. We are really pleased to offer this solution to SAP® public sector users in our markets.”

Werner Simpson
Director LINX/AS Africa

Business Situation

  • Increase in claims against Occupational Health Compensation, Pension Funds, and other social benefits which are not matched by equivalent collection of insurance premiums
  • Financial challenges produced by difficult economic conditions
  • Lack of controls in beneficiary registration and in benefits disbursement

Key Challenges

  • Prevent fraudulent claims for government social benefits
  • Prevent double payments, misdirected payments due to password sharing
  • Prevent complicity of agency employees with fraudulent beneficiaries
  • Control registration and activities involving beneficiaries
  • Enforce biometric authentication of high-risk activities
  • Required tamper-proof logging of all restricted activities, including failed or unauthorized attempts

Major Objective

A major social services agency with millions of beneficiaries, whether for pensions, workers’ compensation, or other forms of social assistance, becomes a target for various forms of fraud. Addressing and preventing fraudulent activities on behalf of the agency’s stakeholders takes place on many levels, first within the agency’s employees and their outside business partners, and then at the level of the beneficiaries themselves.

Key Business Outcomes

  • Biometric re-authentication of key activities involving beneficiary claims mitigates the risk of fraudulent activities and the resulting budgetary shortfalls
  • Registration and management of business partners and beneficiaries is controlled via smart cards and biometrics
  • Tamper-proof audit trail in effect for user accountability